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Specialty Seedlings

Seedlings, otherwise known as transplants, are commonly found in garden centres abroad. We only sow upon order to ensure quality seedlings that are hardened off and are suitable for a variety of growing systems and media.


Our varieties have been chosen for their flavour, heat tolerance, disease resistance, compact growth habits (especially for apartment dwellers) and high yields. We also make it a point to bring in heirloom and rare varieties from across the world that would be a great part of any meal.


We start everything from seed in our own gardens and homes to make sure they perform as expected, so we know they’ll perform for you too. We also blend our own potting mixes and offer a range of tried and tested fertilisers making sure you get the best start to your gardening endeavours.


We journey together with each one of our customers to ensure that the seedlings thrive and flourish in their homes and gardens. 

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