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One of the things I love doing when I'm on holiday is walking through local supermarkets and farmers' markets and savouring seasonal produce.


Though we do not have the luxury of a cool climate and the changing seasons here in sunny Singapore, it is my dream to offer high-quality, heirloom and specialty vegetable and herb varieties that you do not typically find in local nurseries, farms or supermarkets. Having lots of sun throughout the year is definitely an asset!


We've had lots of success growing Jerusalem Artichokes, Carrots, Potatoes, Japanese Sweet Corn, Radishes, French Melons (and the list goes on... ) and worked with restaurants and home-chefs to supply fresh, locally grown specialty produce with a much smaller carbon footprint. 

We also hope transform the Balcony Growing movement in Singapore - one specialty seedling at a time :) 

On the side, I also provide consultancy services to farms and investors. Please get in touch with us if you would like our help :)

Benjamin (aka Farmer Ben)

Your overqualified farmer with a degree in horticulture & food production

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