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Specialty Produce

Inspired by Farmers' Markets and fresh-from-farm produce abroad, we aim to offer fresh, high-quality locally grown specialty produce with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. 

Supermarkets typically receive their produce from hundreds or thousands of miles away. In contrast, our veggies and fruits are generally picked at the peak of their ripeness when the plants' natural sugars are at their peak. Eating produce just when it is ripe not only tastes amazing (you'll have to try it to believe it!), but it also provides the best nutrition possible.

Our produce is sustainably and responsibly grown, Non-GMO and we are synthetic pesticide free. 

Contact us or follow us on social media if you would like to find out more about what's in season.

Do you know where the vegetables and fruits from your store are sourced from, how they were grown, or when they were harvested? 

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