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We get asked these questions often - perhaps you're wondering the same too?

Do you sell seeds?

Starting a home garden may be a daunting task for some and germinating seeds comes with a great deal of unnecessary uncertainty and anxiety. We would like to set you up for success! Our seedlings are grown with love in our homes and gardens and are tried and tested to thrive in Singapore's climate. We also start them in rockwool cubes that perform well in both hydroponics and soil-based systems.


Can I visit your greenhouse to purchase seedlings and gardening supplies? 

We only offer pre-orders for seedlings and gardening supplies. Follow us on social media for updates on our next pre-order date. 

Currently, our greenhouse is only open to the public on Saturday mornings of Farm Day Out. Follow us on social media for updates.


I can't make it on the pre-order date and time. Could I collect my pre-order on another day?

As we are a lean team, our seedling pre-orders are only available for collection on the designated date and location (Sprout Hub). Apologies for not being able to accede to varied collection requests.


Do you provide deliveries? 

Currently, we only offer self-collection for our seedlings as we would love to meet our customers and get to know each one of you personally. However, we understand that it may not be convenient for everyone to drop by.


You could consider engaging a courier or delivery service (e.g. lalamove, grab delivery) to collect the order on your behalf. Be sure to leave them your order, contact details and let them know to handle the seedlings with love & care.


How many seedlings can I expect to get for each listing? 

The number of seedlings largely depends on the veggie and variety selected.

You can expect to receive, on average, between 1-3 seedlings. Heartier, fruiting crop come in smaller numbers while herbs may come in more generous numbers. Our greens and lettuces, on the other hand, are sold in bundles of 3-5 seedings.


How large are your seedlings? Will they survive? 

Please note that we only sell seedlings/ transplants and not full-grown plants. 

We start sowing just about when pre-orders close and ensure that the plants get sufficient light and nutrients to establish strong root systems and grow out. We also do our best to toughen them up before they get re-homed.


To avoid 'transplant shock' and accidental damage to the roots, we strongly encourage that you transplant them just as they are in their rock-wool cubes into your soil or nutrient-based system. There is no need to remove the rock-wool or separate them into individual seedlings. Instead, thinning out should be done at a later date.


I would like to purchase a veggie/ herb but I don't see it listed on your website. Do you take custom orders? 

Unfortunately, we only offer the varieties listed on our website. We try our best to rotate between different types of veggies and herbs so you can find out what does best in your garden. 


I'm new to gardening/ growing edibles and I'm not too sure what I need to start. 

Check out our 'Grow with Us' series on Facebook at the following link

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