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Specialty Lettuces (3 rockwool plugs)

Specialty Lettuces (3 rockwool plugs)

Our lettuce trials brought these specialty lettuces to our attention. Plants grow as dense rosettes of uniformed leaves that remain small no matter the plant's size. Perfect for the salad bowl. They bring together the fast growth rates of established plants, with the aesthetic and flavour of baby-leaf plants. They're excellent under full sun, and bred to perform in hydroponic systems, though they do great in potting mix too.

Plants come in sets of 3, planted in rockwool cubes so they can go either in hydroponics or media. Choose a cultivar, or let us assemble a variety pack for you.


1) Green Butterhead: Lush, soft compact growth habit.


2) Red Butterhead: Similar to Green Butterhead, but in deep wine-red.


3) Green Frilly: Fine, frilly leaves add volume and texture to salads, or perfect in sandwiches/burgers


4) Red Frilly: Similar to Green Frilly, but deep red.


5) Oakleaf: Small crunchy leaves have wavy margins that come together to make a stunning head of lettuce.

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