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Rainbow Sweet Corn (set of 10 plugs with free plug tray)

Rainbow Sweet Corn (set of 10 plugs with free plug tray)

Taiwanese bicolour supersweet corn. High yielding with kernels packed to the tips. 170cm tall plants mature in about 70 days, and resist both heat and disease. Our most dependable bi-colour sweet corn.  

this Listing is for a set of 10 seedlings in pottingmix, inclusive of free a plastic 10-hole plugtray.

the term supersweet describes a genetic trait of the plant to store sugars instead of starch in the kernels. fruit are sweeter, hold longer ont he plant, and stay sweet for longer after harvest.

corn is a very heavy feeder and requires a proper preplant fertiliser to grow to its full potential. Prepare the ground with 250gm/sqm of 4:4:4 or equivalent fertiliser, digging it down to at least 20cm. side dress with an additional 100gm/sqm at 3 weeks after planting seedlings. For best results, plant only in full sun, leaving 15-20cm between plants in a row, and 50-60cm between rows.

corn is wind pollinated, and requires hand pollination if not planted in at least 4 rows of 10 plants each. Dust silks with pollen from tassles early in the day as soon as the silks appear, and for the next 3-5 days after. improper pollination will lead to empty cobs with few kernels.

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