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Kale (4 rockwool plugs)

Kale (4 rockwool plugs)

Kale is all the rage these days, so we've curated a few cultivars with focus on alternative growth forms, flavour and aesthetic.


Plants come in sets of 4, planted in rockwool cubes so they can go either in hydroponics or media. Choose a cultivar, or let us assemble a variety pack for you.


1) Red Russian : Smooth, large leaves short, compact plants. Growth form is rosette like, without a major stem. Leaves are more tender than other kale. Harvest whole plants, or take leaves as needed.


2) Scarlet Frilly : Dusty-magenta accents on bluish-green leaves make Scarlet a real standout in the garden. Plants are more upright than red russian but smaller than tuscan kales, reaching 90cm in height. Slower growing but with a unique flavour.


3) Nero Di Toscana (Dinosaur Kale): A well loved heirloom kale from Tuscany, Italy. Tall upright plants provide slender, crinkly leaves with texture much like a dinosaur's skin (or so they say; I've never seen a dinosaur in person ^^ ). Nero di toscana is best suited for cooking and juicing. Steam, blanch, make chips, or our favourite: sauteing with olive oil, garlic and a pinch of salt over high heat till it burns just a little. 


4) Vates: A compact, curly leaf kale with vibrant green, tender leaves. Vates is regarded as one of the tastiest varieties of kale, and is heat resistant to boot. Our best kale for salads and fresh eating. Dont miss out on this classic heirloom kale.


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